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The Free Now taxi app stops operating in Palma

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The app formerly known as My Taxi communicates its decision to its 47 operators just one year after arriving in Mallorca.

The company Free Now, formerly known as My Taxi, will stop operating in Palma this Monday, just one year after it landed in Mallorca.

The German company, owned by Daimler and BMW, announced the decision to its 50 taxi drivers last Friday. After a year of working together, our services in the city of Palma will be inactive as of the 10th of February. We thank you for having trusted Free Now to work in the Balearic Islands because we have lived unforgettable moments with you. We will continue working to see you again. Best regards».

The decision to leave Mallorca could have been due to disagreements with taxi drivers, especially due to a sudden rise in prices in the payment of commissions to the app and without taking into account that the rates in each community are different.

According to some media reports from the taxi sector, the workers have also complained that Free Now does not speak and acts without asking the sector’s opinion as a company for its own benefit.

The rebranding and merger of companies from Mytaxi to Free Now also seems to have been unpopular with the industry.

«The latest statements made by some managers in the media did not sit well,» they continue in their note.

For these reasons, the taxi drivers decided to stop providing service and those who had planned to register, backed down in view of what had happened.

«Thus, the decision taken by the colleagues is to «JOIN» the app #Ntaxi which is distributed nationwide and which will increase the fleet that already exists here on the island and the effort of their work will remain at home.

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